Become an NAABB Certified Broker

No cold calling or canvassing as all leads are inbound leads.

The Industry

The business broker industry is in high demand at all times good economy and bad or winter and summer.

The Income

Business brokers average 5-7 sales per year with an average commission of $52,00 per sale of a business.

The Economy

Business brokers become their community business leaders and play a large role in economic development.

The Leads

Never cold as each brokerage for sale includes a dedicated marketing system generating inbound leads only.


Sell Businesses in a Confidential Manner. Protecting confidentiality is critical because a business will suffer if the public knew the business was for sale. Customers would find another option, employees would look for a new job and the competition would use it to gain market share. This is not a real estate career as business brokers sell the goodwill and assets rather than the property.