Earn $300K + Per year as an NAABB Certified Broker

Labor Day is coming soon and Labor Day through year’s end is our busiest time of year selling businesses. Historically, over 60% of annual business sales occur in this period. The reason is simply that buyers want to buy by end of year to start a fresh set of books in 2020 and sellers want to sell by end of year so they do not have to start 2020 books. And even better news should you step in – we have the only mobile app in the industry (Envoyz) and right after Labor Day we are doing a major national media advertising campaign that will make Envoyz the Zillow or Trulia of businesses for sale. And Envoyz is exclusive to NAABB Certified Brokers.  Our estimates are astronomical as to the leads – and high quality leads - that will be produced. It is the perfect time to step in.


Beware of imitations. There are many less than ethical people trying to copy our business brokerage opportunity model. Our processes have been copied often since 2001. And while imitation is the best form of flattery, we know these others and the shady people they are. The business brokering industry in general has a negative reputation that is deserved because of the unethical criminals that get into it trying to make a quick buck.  NAABB recognizes this negative stigma and has a clear set mission to clean up the industry one territory at a time.